You need to do what you’re really passionate about, and that makes you really happy. Then you get really good at that thing, and you think about it all the time, you think about it when you’re sleeping, you think about it in your dreams, when you wake up; you think about it more than any other human being. Naturally you get really good at it, and potentially the best at it. But once you get to that place, you’re an expert, and you’ve earned the right to speak your mind.

- Nihal Mehta

my brother texted me this morning and asked me if frank ocean’s new album came out yet. i said i didn’t know. im sitting at my desk trying to ease into my creative my mind is feeling pretty clear. i went on frank ocean’s tumblr and listened to that song hero its pretty good i really like his voice. this weekend is governors ball, last year i saw kanye there. i rode my bike to work today like i always do, i don’t have a job, but i do go work everyday - its a weird phenomenon. 

fun piece I cut for Tribeca Film Festival - one of many - featuring Ben Sinclair. Check out his hilarious web series High Maintenance

shot some of this with my friend Tucker

edited this for my friend Martha

shot this for some friends

Edited this for some friends. 

This is a video me and some friends made about the 1MSQFT project at Sundance.

Recording foley out the window today. #latergram (at Mssng Peces)

The Bank

Wannabe director (at Missing Pieces)

Swiss Alps (at Zermatt Resort & Spa)

Boom! go birds #macdemarco (at 1Msqft at Sundance)

Sick #macdemarco (at 1Msqft at Sundance)

shreddin’ with @ryanator @outofofficenyc #sundance2014 (at Park City Mountain Resort)